Four legged fun

Four legged fun

With a 500m agility course of jumps, hoops, high walks and an A-frame, a dog’s life has never been more fun than at River Lee Country Park.

The agility course is an excellent way to get your dog introduced to agility. A healthy, happy dog needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation and in designing this course we hope that both owners and dogs alike will have fun using it. The course is free to use and can be combined with a lovely walk through the Country Park too – what more could a dog ask for!

The 500m course is made up of ten obstacles which imitate those used in agility competitions including jumps, hoops, tunnel, high walk and an A-frame. Most obstacles have been made in two sizes to suit dogs of all sizes and abilities and the course can be completed from either direction.

The course is situated in River Lee Country Park, at Cheshunt Country Walk, just north of Cheshunt Railway station.


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