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Mindfulness is an important part of all our sessions. Students are encouraged to be in the present through positive outdoor sensory experiences, benefitting their overall wellbeing. Youth and Schools sessions can help schools provide opportunities for problem solving and developing risk assessment skills to help build resilience.

DEFRA’s 10 year plan (2018) highlights:
‘Playing and learning outside is a fundamental part of childhood, and helps children grow up healthy.’
‘Spending time in the natural environment…….. improves our mental health and feelings of wellbeing. It can reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.’


Please click on the link below to download the Teachers Guides

Abbey Trail KS1 & KS2

Art of Nature

Bitterns and other Water Birds

Canals and Riverside History

Cunning Running

D.I.Y Minibeast

Explore project for special schools

Field to fridge - farm tour

Focus on Dairy Farming

Focus on Dragonflies

Focus on Urban Habitats

Forest Schools

Teachers Guide

Habitat discovery day

I spy a dragon-fly!

Lee Valley Park Farms

Welome Pack
Risk Assessment information

Lee Valley Park Farms Clover Cow EYFS Activity Pack

Clover Cow Activity Pack - EYFS
Teacher Resources - EYFS

Lee Valley Park Farms KS1

Petunia Pig Pack - KS1
Teacher Resources - KS1

Lee Valley Park Farms KS2

Moseki Meerkat - KS2
Teacher Resources - KS2

Lee Valley Park Farms Little Farmers Club Pack

Little Farmers Club Pack

Lee Valley VeloPark Iconic Designs & Worlds Class Spaces

Lee Valley VeloPark Legacy in Action

Lee Valley VeloPark Regeneration in Action KS3

Lee Valley VeloPark Regeneration in Action KS4

Programme Information
Teachers Guide


Power of Plants

Programme information
Teachers Guide

Plant Discovery Day

Programme information
Teachers Guide

Rivers and Lakes Discovery Day

Programme Information
Teachers Guide

Rivers walk

Seed to Supper

Sensory Safari

Stoneage Discovery Day

Programme Information
Teachers Guide

Team Building Discovery Day

Programme information
Teachers Guide

The ‘Great Stink’

Waterworks water birds



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