New operational model

New operational model-have your say

The board of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority will meet on 27 February 2014 to consider entering into a contract with a new trust, Lee Valley Leisure Trust Limited for the management of its sport and leisure venues, particularly its two London 2012 venues; Lee Valley VeloPark, launching 12 March 2014 and Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, opening May 2014.

This forms part of the board’s review to deliver sport, leisure and nature activities for the region in the most cost effective way possible and minimise the rates liability for these two London 2012 venues both of which are located on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The Authority is legally entitled to pursue such an option under the Lee Valley Regional Park Act, 1966, which led to the creation of Lee Valley Regional Park. The Act stipulates that the Authority can exercise its remit to provide leisure, sport and recreation, including nature conservation either by itself or by acting in partnership with other individuals or bodies.

This is a hugely important issue which will have implications for the Authority and its future funding structure and we would welcome the opportunity to hear your views either ahead of the 27 February board meeting or later as they will be considered ahead of other monthly meetings of the Authority’s Executive Committee. A final decision will be taken by the board in June 2014.

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