Case Studies

Case Studies

Brenda Chanter - Conservation, Events and Bittern Information Point Volunteer

Brenda retired eleven years ago however three years into her retirement, she decided she wanted to find something else to do.

During a visit to Fishers Green in River Lee Country Park, she saw people volunteering and applied to do the same. She has always considered this area to be beautiful and now enjoys maintaining it.

Volunteering across a number of conservation projects, Brenda undertakes tasks such as maintaining hedgerows, cutting overhanging brambles, digging ditches and tidying beautiful areas of land.  She has learnt new skills such as hedge weaving – a traditional way of intricately building and maintaining hedges – as well as learning about planting trees in their natural habitat.

Brenda enjoys meeting new people and working with the Authority’s Events Team at events such as the Rutland Bird Fair. She also enjoys helping at Lee Valley Park Farms and the Bittern Information Point.

Brenda said: “There’s a real social side to volunteering – as well as the tasks, teams go out as a group and socialise. Meeting new people is really nice; you can work with your friends and do what you enjoy. I’m all for variation so enjoy this aspect of volunteering, meeting new people, making new friends and seeing a different side of life.”

Another of Brenda’s interests is photography; she is always taking pictures around the park and has won the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Volunteer Photographer of the Year Award for three years in a row.

She was also recognised by the Authority for the volunteering efforts and was awarded the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Volunteer of the Year Award in 2016.



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